City of Saskatoon, CA
Discover arts, culture and recreation programs offered at the many City of Saskatoon leisure facilities. Young or old, whatever your skill level or interest, we have activities for you! From Red Cross Swim lessons to preschool and youth recreation programs to adult fitness and specialized wellness classes, it’s all here.

Leisure Online is your digital guide to learn more about and sign up for all instructor-led programs that require pre-registration. Create an account or login, search for a specific class or browse hundreds of activity options, and register you or the entire family…easy, quick, click! If you need assistance at any time, please Contact Us.

Session Dates
Winter 2018 registration begins Sunday December 3, 2017
Programs run from January 1 to March 31, 2018.
After Dec 5th Please Phone one of the Leisure Centres listed below for registration assistance:

City of Saskatoon Leisure Centres:

Cosmo Civic Centre - 306-975-3344
Harry Bailey Aquatic Centre - 306-975-3321
Lakewood Civic Centre - 306-975-2944
Lawson Civic Centre - 306-975-7873
Saskatoon Field House - 306-975-3354
Shaw Centre - 306-975-7744

For information please visit Leisure Centres or Leisure Guide

Q & A - Questions & Answers

If you can't find answers to your questions here, you can click on the Contact Us.

Using Leisure Online

  1. What can I do with Leisure Online?

    You can use Leisure Online to register in programs offered by the City of Saskatoon Recreation & Community Development Division.
  2. What is your privacy policy?

    See details outlined in our Privacy Statement.

    Username and Password

    1. How do I get a username and password?

      You can create your Leisure Online account by clicking on Create Account. This will allow you to create a new account and select a username (your email address is recommended) and password, and as well as enter all the details associated with your account such as your address, phone numbers and family details (if applicable).
      You can also change your username and password by clicking on My Account --> Account Settings.
    2. I forgot my username and/or password?

      You can recover your username and password by clicking on the links Forgot Username or Forgot Password. You will then be prompted for your primary email address. By clicking the Forgot Username, you will be emailed the current username associated with your email. By clicking on the Forgot Password, you will be emailed a link that will allow you to reset your password.
    3. I would like to change my account information. How can I do this?

      You can update your account information by clicking on My Account --> Household & Member. From here you can update your address, phone numbers and members associated with your account. The main contact name cannot be updated online. If you wish to change the main contact name you will need Contact Us.
    4. What email address should I provide for this registration system?

      The email of the main household contact is the email address that we recommend to use.
      If you need to use the Forgot Username or Forgot Password feature, this will be the email used to recover the forgotten information. This will also be the email that receipts will be emailed to.
    5. How do I choose to receive or stop receiving commercial emails?

      Keeping your email up-to-date is an important part of staying connected. We respect and value your privacy. For the City to send electronic messages (emails) to keep you informed about the programs, products and services offered by the Recreation & Community Development Division, we need your consent. Please select the Yes or No flag beside the main account email in order to consent to receive commercial emails from the Recreation & Community Development Division. You may choose to turn off this feature at any time if you no longer wish to receive these emails.
    6. What can I do if I'm denied access to my account?

      After 5 unsuccessful login attempts to access your account, your account will be automatically locked. Please Contact Us for assistance.
    7. What happens if I don't log out? Will I still be logged onto the system the next time I enter Leisure Online?

      Your account will be logged out automatically after 10 minutes of inactivity. After 5 minutes of inactivity a pop up will display a warning that you have 5 minutes remaining before being logged out. If you had items in your shopping cart at the time of being logged off, your items will automatically be removed from the shopping cart.

      Program Registration

      1. How do I register for a program?

      2. Search for programs from the main splash page, by clicking on a program category link.

      3. You can also click the menu Program Search. From here you can narrow your search to the programs you are interested in (eg: by location or day of week).

      4. If you know the Activity Code and Section from the Leisure Guide, you can enter those two codes directly. Click Activity Search --> Search by Activity Code.

      5. To select a program to register in, click on the green plus sign to the left of the program. Once clicked, the progam will be marked as selected, and displayed at the bottom of the window.
        Note: your spot in the program is not held until it is added to your shopping cart.

      6. Click on the Add To Cart button at the bottom of the window to select the member in your account to register. Once the member is selected, the program will be added to your shopping cart. At this point the spot in the program is held for you until you complete the transaction.

      7. Once you you have finished adding programs to your shopping cart, click on the Proceed To Checkout button to complete the transaction with your credit card payment.

      8. When does the Winter 2018 registration start?

        Winter registration starts at 6:00 p.m. on Sunday, December 3rd, 2017. Registration with Leisure Online or by phone at 306-975-2800. Both online and phone-in registrations begin at the same time.
      9. How can I get a copy of the current Leisure Guide?

        The seasonal Leisure Guide is delivered to Saskatoon and area households the week prior to the first registration date. Copies are also available for pick up at all Leisure Centres and Public Libraries. A digital copy of the Leisure Guide can be viewed or downloaded from the Leisure Guide page.
      10. What are some tips on how to search for programs?

        We recommend using the Leisure Guide to find the activity code of the program you are interested in.

        You can also use the Program Search tab to find programs.
      11. How can I verify what programs my family members are currently registered for?

        You can click on the menu option My Account. Under this menu, there are three options for determining your past and current registrations.
        You can use the options My History and two reports Household Roster and Household Calendar. The two reports if requested, will be emailed to your primary email address.
      12. My child is not in the age range required for the program. Are there exceptions?

        Programs take into consideration the developmental needs of children and are tailored to meet those specific needs. Allowing children that do not meet the age requirements of a program could potentially lower the quality of the program for all participants. Exceptions may apply. Please Contact Us to see if an exception is applicable for your situation.
      13. What is the difference between a Registered and a Drop-In program?

        Drop-in Programs do not require pre-registration and provide the public with access to the City’s leisure facilities and to instructor-led classes by paying a general admission or using a Bulk Ticket or LeisureCard. Registered Programs do require pre-registration and advance payment and include an instructor who leads the participants through a pre-defined set of activities.
      14. Why do good programs get cancelled?

        Occasionally programs may be cancelled due to lack of demand or lack of qualified instructors.
      15. What is your Withdrawal & Refund policy?

        Full refunds are available for programs cancelled by the City of Saskatoon.

        Clients may withdraw from programs under the following guidelines:

        Withdrawal Guidelines:

        Program cancellation requests initiated by the client will be accepted with the refund amounts applied as follows:

        A withdrawal request that is received seven (7) days prior to the start of a program will receive 100% refund.

        A withdrawal request that is received less than seven (7) days prior to the start of a program will receive a 100% refund if another patron fills the vacated program space before the program has started; otherwise, a 50% refund will be issued.

        A 50% refund will be issued for withdrawal requests received after the program has started and is no more than 20% completed.

        A prorated refund will be issued for withdrawal requests for medical reasons. A medical certificate is required.

      16. How do I process a program withdrawal or transfer?

        You cannot withdraw or transfer from a program through Leisure Online. Please Contact Us to withdraw from a program.

        Program Availability

        1. Are there programs that are not available through Leisure Online?

          Some programs will not be available through Leisure Online due to their complex registration procedures and need for additional information. Please Contact Us to register. Note: Community association and advertiser’s programs are not available through Leisure Online.
        2. How will I know if a spot becomes available after I have been waitlisted?

          Should a program spot become available, you will receive a phone call from a customer service representative. At that time, you can decide whether to take or decline the spot.
        3. How can I find out my position on the waitlist?

          Confirmation of your waitlist position is not available as positions constantly change due to transfers, cancellations and withdrawals.

          Payment Receipt

          1. How do I get a receipt for my program registration?

            Once you have paid for your program, a receipt will automatically be sent to your account's primary email address.
            You can get a reprint of any receipt by clicking menu option My Account --> Reprint Receipt
            All receipts will be in PDF format.
            In order to view a copy of your receipt, you will need to ensure you have a PDF reader installed on your device.
          2. I owe a balance from a registration. Do I have to pay it off right now?

            Yes, if there is currently a balance owing on your account, you wil be required to pay the old balance plus any new program fees.